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A journey begins with a single step, but who wants to walk alone? Blossomed Life, LLC founder Meribel M Goldwin, fully understands what it is like to walk alone in life. This is why she has created a proprietary technique that incorporates science and human compassion to provide highly personalized individual and group sessions. The Blossomed Life is one of fully explored potential and physical health. Meribel has found that the road to this kind of life lies in self-awareness of deeper life desires. Her method involves craving and compulsive behavior analysis, nutrition for pleasure and success, and supporting each aspect of your life through genuine self-care. Find out more and start your journey!


Here at Blossomed Life, LLC we aspire to Heal. Our mission is to reach and transform diets and lives of as many people as possible. We aim to connect each and every person with their truest life purpose and to do so in a supportive and engaging way. Though we offer enlivening private sessions, we recognize that not everyone is interested in going that route. This is why we conduct small, medium and large-size events. Our events range from 2 to 6 person private in-home Cravings and Life Fulfillment workshops to corporate talks and wellness days for hundreds of employees. We can hold events for any size group, the bigger the better!



About Our Founder

Meribel M. Goldwin is a Nutrition and Life Fulfillment Coach. In her private practice, Meribel works with clients one-on-one to help them understand nutrition and how to heal themselves through food in order to enhance their feeling of life fulfillment. She is a speaker on the topics of health, wellness, and personal empowerment.

Meribel has a keen sense of the associations we make between compulsive behaviors and life desires. She understands gaps in knowledge and action and helps clients to bridge these gaps.