The body and mind are inexorably connected—if we eat the right materials, we build ourselves in the best way possible. Through interpreting each client's unique cravings, Blossomed Life, LLC helps individuals discover what they crave on a deeper level. Clients learn to transform their cravings and to go for what they actually desire in life, "healthifying" their favorite dishes, and awakening to the possibility of becoming their best selves in the realm of nutrition and self-care.


Meribel M. Goldwin, M.S., CEPC 

Meribel M. Goldwin is a Holistic Nutritionist and Corporate Nutrition Consultant based in Manhattan, NY. She founded Blossomed Life, LLC in November, 2016 with the goal of bringing nutrition education to the corporate sphere. Meribel holds a Masters of Science from Columbia University's Institute of Human Nutrition and is a speaker on the topics of health, wellness, and personal empowerment. In her spare time, she runs long-distance races, such as the NYC Marathon, and volunteers for nonprofit organizations, including the Isha foundation and Tikva Children's home.

Most recently, Meribel was granted the prestigious BluePrint Fellowship, a year-long grant for Russian-speaking Jewish innovators, artists, and intellectuals between the ages of 25 and 40, to explore personal and collective identity through the creation of community projects.