Corporate and Non-Profit Clients

What type of Institution are You?

The mission of Blossomed Life LLC is to help as many people as possible to achieve what you’re looking for in life through eating what is good for you, and addressing the emotional and mental reasons why you crave things that aren’t good for you. This is why we offer a variety of settings, we want you to find your way to a blossomed life in the most comfortable way for you!


Company or Organization with more than 50 Employees

The Blossomed Life team works in-office to create an intimate environment where attendees are encouraged to open up and examine their own food and life cravings. We have hosted wellness days at many notable companies, such as Google and Grant Thorton.


Small Business (less than 50 employees)

The Blossomed Life team works in-office with your small team to help them open up themselves for better understanding and create a more cohesive working environment.



At Blossomed Life, we love to give back to our community and we love supporting organizations who are doing good in our communities as well. That’s why we have special deals on wellness programs for non-profit organizations, because the less you spend, the more good you can do!