uproot your foods. nurture a blossomed life.

Change The Way You crave

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An Effective and Holistic approach to Wellness


Know Nutrition

Do away with fad diets and let us work together to create habits that are uniquely yours. Blossomed Life LLC specializes in educating clients on the benefits and drawbacks of various foods to create a dietary awareness in their everyday lives.


Elevate with energy

Whether you are overwhelmed by your job, need a change in life, or simply looking for some guidance for the future, Blossomed Life LLC aids you in strategizing an approach to maximize your goals and minimize struggles. Let your efforts do the work for you.



Ever wondered why an insatiable want for chocolate or your favorite ice cream hits you at random times? Our daily cravings are often linked to past traumas and experiences. Blossomed Life LLC can be your guide in retracing the roots of your cravings, and equip you with means to negotiate with them.

 Begin to build and tend to your blossomed life with us

We provide individual sessions, workshops, corporate or educational wellness programs and more



If you are more comfortable starting in a communal environment, Blossomed Life LLC regularly holds group workshops. You will begin to learn more about cravings and how to use them to tap into your deepest desires.

My experience with meribel was life changing
— lindsey S.

about blossomed life llc

Blossomed Life LLC was founded by Nutrition and Life Fulfillment coach, Meribel M. Goldwin, MS, CEPC. In her private practice, Meribel works one-on-one with clients to help them understand nutrition, how to heal themselves through food and live their best lives. She is also a nutrition education, cravings, and personal empowerment speaker.

Meribel has a keen sense of the subconscious associations we make between compulsive behaviors and life desires. She understands the gaps between knowledge and action, and helps clients to bridge these gaps.


Our Vision Statement

Rooting out poor diets and unconscious cravings to grow personal lives

Whether you are a trauma survivor, an overwhelmed professional or a bearer of chronic diseases, we want to nurture and better your lives by changing the way you eat and crave

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