THe Seed

This introduction package allows you to begin to understand the relationship between your physical cravings and emotional wants without the pressure of commitment by starting off with a single 50 minute session for individuals or families and 7 days of unlimited text and email support.

FLowers of fulfillment

Pave your own flower path by developing a greater understanding of your inner life and the science behind the foods you put into your body in this 45 Day package which can be customized to focus on emotional eating or nutritional education.


(EXTENDED) Flowers of Fulfillment

Forging a new path can be an exhausting endeavor. Sometimes it’s good to work at a slower pace and enjoy the flowers midway. You will develop an understanding of your inner life with a longer time in between sessions for you to digest the revelations you uncover.

the garden of your blossomed life

Plant your own garden, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers. Embark on our full-service, 120 Day program to ensure that the insights you will have received through the program will remain in your life long after.


Personal Cravings, intimate place

Get personal with yourself, your family or your significant other in this private cravings workshop and take a magnifying glass to your inner lives through the lens of cravings.


on-site private Coaching

Running on big city minutes but want to take some time out of your busy schedule to realign with yourself? It only takes an hour to begin to build a relationship between your cravings and compulsive behaviors and alter your life.