The Genesis: How It All Got Started

November 22, 2018

How it all got started.

Part I

While finishing up my Masters in nutrition, in 2013, I received some dooming health news. I was a sliver away from being pre-diabetic. Diabetes runs in my family and is a fate I wanted to avoid at all cost. Though I knew nutrition fairly well and ate a balanced diet, I had one indulgence – chocolate. I ate it as if my life depended on it. And at that time, it did. See, in 2012 a number of traumatic events befolded my life and I was at a crossroads. My career was in shambles, a man I was in love with left as suddenly as he came and my family, the apple of my eye, had temporarily turned away. I was a wreck. Dark chocolate had become my buddy, my companion, my emotional crutch.

Back to 2013. After realizing I could not consume chocolate in the amounts I had been consuming it in (sometimes as many as 2-3 bars of dark chocolate & raspberry bars per day!), I decided to keep a log of my food desires. I also began asking myself what else I would like to experience during the time I was craving chocolate. What I saw was my cravings for chocolate had deeper life meanings. And depending on the moment in time, those deeper life needs changed from say wanting to be in a relationship to wanting to be heard and seen by my friends as myself and not someone they perceived me to be…

Meribel Goodwin