A Cravings Talk: Unlock Your Treasure Chest of Cravings

A Cravings Talk: Unlock Your Treasure Chest of Cravings

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Summer is the season to sign out of work for a sun-drenched vacation with delicious food and refreshing drinks. As the seasonal clock ticks down on summer, you might be feeling stressed and anxious at the need to switch from vacation-mode to work-mode. You may have even gained a few pounds from all the merry eating and drinking. 

Perhaps you are craving for another vacation despite having just returned from one? Do you find yourself craving more often for your favourite foods? Your Treasure Chest of Cravings is your coping mechanism for emotions. Instead of lugging around this chest for the rest of your life, you can learn how to loot your Treasure Chest of Cravings for a peek into your true desires and a more fulfilled life! 

In this powerful, personal-empowerment driven talk, we will: 
- Learn what Cravings are
- Unlock your Treasure Chest of Cravings to reveal the secrets they hold
- Dissect these secrets and listen to your Cravings 
- Lead more fulfilled lives with less anxiety, stronger relationships, an increase in daily energy levels and greater knowledge on nutrition for weight loss

The workshop is open to both women and men, 18+.

Details of the workshop are as follows:

Tuesday, September 17, 2019
6.30pm to 8pm
Midtown Manhattan
(An address will be emailed to participants closer to the date)

The workshop will be facilitated by Meribel Miriam Goldwin, MS CEPC, a Nutrition and Life Fulfillment Coach and founder of Blossomed Life, LLC.

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