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“…we have already received requests to invite Meribel back to campus…”

Meribel Goldwin is a true healer who is deeply passionate about her work. Her nutrition education workshop informed students on the latest scientific findings regarding food, while providing concrete and applicable examples of how to regularly incorporate such results in an accessible and convenient manner. Meribel's professionalism and in-depth knowledge about emotional eating throughout the workshop were crucial to the students' participation and engagement during the session. Students felt comfortable sharing personal information regarding their relationship with food, and we have already received requests to invite Meribel back to campus this semester!

- Columbia University


“…My experience with Meribel was life-changing…”

I first heard Meribel speak at a Vegan Holiday Heal event. The topic was cravings and what role they play in our lives; the deeper message. Most people don't think about why they are craving chocolate or potato chips. Or they attribute it to physical changes in the body (such as hormonal changes) but rarely do we ever look at the psychological & mental side to these cravings. After that hour, I became very intrigued about my own cravings. What were they trying to say? As a result, I hired Meribel for the next 30 days to explore these questions and ideas.

From the moment I entered her office, I felt that I was in safe hands. We dove right into the thick of it on the first session, discussing eating habits, cravings, and personal history. She never pried for information. Everything discussed came about organically. After she answered my questions and assessed my situation, homework was assigned. There were some things on the list I looked forward to, like food journaling, while other things, like addressing my fears, were harder for me. I started an email & text correspondence with her immediately afterward in search of advice, which she always provided in a timely fashion.

Even though I didn't complete all the homework by our next session, instead of shaming me, Meribel dug deeper into the why, instead of the why not. Things were starting to make sense to me but the science behind nutrition was still a mystery. I expressed these concerns and they were immediately addressed. She had information on everything from fats, sugars, and carbs, to the meaning of Prana. Every time we spoke in person or remotely, I always felt like she genuinely believed in my success.

My experience with Meribel was life-changing and I plan to work with her further in the future. We have only just begun to scratch the surface of this iceberg. If you're looking to better your life as a whole, with a focus on nutrition & mental health, then I suggest working with her. You will not regret it!

- Lindsey S. (Portrait Artist)

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“…the knowledge and tools I've learned with Meribel will take me a long way…”

I met Meribel a little more than a month ago and I can say that our meeting was definitely on time. She conducted a cravings workshop at my job and I knew that I wanted to learn more. Her professionalism as well as her comfortable personality helped make my decision easy. I signed on for a 30 day program and I can say I learned more about food and nutrition in that time than I have my whole life.

Learning ways to focus on me and figuring out what my cravings meant on the inside was the most intriguing. Learning to eat to nourish the body and not the emotions was one of the most beneficial factors of our time together. I am on a healthy lifestyle journey and all the knowledge and tools I've learned with Meribel will take me a long way. I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to learn more about foods and purpose to work with Meribel.

- Shalanda M (Wellness Coach)


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