Community Offerings

Meribel M Goldwin is an expert at nutrition, wellness and healthy eating with over 16 years of experience working with children ages 7 to 17. School-place wellness programs are designed to be fun, relatable, and impactful for students in inspiring them to make healthy choices that can reduce disease risk and lead to better school performance overall.

1 Hour Talk or Presentation

During this 60 minute talk or workshop students will learn one topic pertinent to their well being. You choose a topic from our extensive list or create your own. All talks and workshops are typically 45 minutes with 15 minutes for Q & A.

4 Hour Wellness day

This package is intended for students to enjoy information and tools for wellness in a more comfortable time frame. You select the topics to be covered and we will customize a wellness program to suit your school’s needs. Feel free to mix and match between nutrition, meditation, yoga, physical exercises and more. If it’s not listed, we’ll create it for you!


Other Wellness Packages

Wellness Packages are a great way to consistently bring wellbeing into your educational facility. They provide your students with a recurring stream of knowledge and support. They teach students new topics each time and build on knowledge previously covers in a previous talk or workshop. Your students will know you care!


For Pricing inquiries for community or school packages, please contact us!